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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Garden

My garden has continued to grow, and new plants are blooming. There are so many, it is hard to choose which ones to share. Here are some pansies, my favorite. A pink clematis that grows up onto the porch, pink roses, an old chair next to the woods with red impatients in it, and a glimpse of the purple and blue garden.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Party

We had friends and family over for a party on memorial day. It was so much fun getting everyone together, and we had lots of great food. J got to play his new corn hole game, and we made a fire that night and cooked mountain pies and marshmallows.

Happy 5 year Anniversary!!

We celebrated 5 years on May 27th. It went by so fast! I made J a corn hole game with the help of my coworkers, and J got me a pink dogwood tree for the front yard. We went out to dinner and had a great night together.

Birthday Party 2

There were so messy eating their cupcakes it felt more like a 1 year old party than a 7 and 5 year old party!

Samantha and Travis's Birthday Parties

My niece Samantha, and my nephew, Travis, were both born the end of May. I always know how old Travis is because he was born two days before our wedding. My mom found this cute cupcake idea and I helped her make them. We did a scavenger hunt and a relay race to fill up a jug with water. The boys won the water game. The kids got in the pool too, and mom gave them silly string to spray on each other. Then we opened presents and ate the cupcakes. Aren't the monster goggles we got Travis cute?

Spring Garden

We had so much rain here this spring, that most of the flowers didn't last long before the rain ripped them apart. They looked great while they lasted though. We had two bird nests in our yard this spring, and one of these pictures is a robin's nest at my mom's house. I love all the animals and beautiful flowers!

Happy Easter!!!

The kids got lots of fun presents and cute clothes for Easter. We had an egg hunt, and Hannah came over to hunt for eggs too. Dominic also came over and brought a hundred stuffed plastic eggs. He decided to help J and Steve hide the eggs this year. The boys also hid 7 hard eggs for me to find. I love hunting for eggs! I did pretty well, I think I found 5/7 on my own. Since it was a long weekend, we brought the ferrets with us. The kids love seeing them and hardly ever put them down. My brother's two weenie dogs also love playing with them. If they get too rough, the ferrets will bite them. For dinner I helped mom make ham potpie, which is an Easter tradition for us. It was delicious!

Just a couple more pictures a Chuck E Cheese

Kayden, Samantha and Julia and my Mom and Grace

Kayden's Birthday Party, Day 2

The kids slept over at my mom's house and the next day we went to chuck e cheese. we were there almost all day. They got this awesom new game where you ride a horse! You can see J on there trying to win the race. the whole horse moved and it was crazy. My friend Becky showed up later with her daugthers, Julia and Grace. I had to take a picture of Grace in the monkey hat, it was so cute!

Kayden's Birthday Party

February was our niece, Kayden's birthday. I think she turned 8. Am I a bad Aunt for not being 100% sure how old she is? Anyhow, we had a great time. Kayden and I blew up balloons, one of each color. I made a murder mystery game for the kids to pay with clues all around the house. Then we played a game where the kids ask each other questions and try to guess what picture is on their head. You can see Caleb and Ross with cards on their heads. It was hard for the younger kids. Mom couldn't find normal candles for Kayden, so she had to blow out this glass jar candle, which I thought was hilarious. Later on, my mom hypnotized Hannah, and tricked her into smearing soot on her face. The kids were all captivated by it.