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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Support Letters and Donation Cans

I just finished our donation cans and hopefully we will be sending out our support letters to friends and family this week!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Walk with God

I thought that I might add a little background on our relationship with God for those of you who don't know us very well. My Dad, Denny Weyandt, promised God that if he gave him a daughter, that he would take her to church every Sunday. God answered my Dad's prayers, and my Dad took me and my brothers to church at Our Savior Lutheran everyday. (Hollidaysburg, PA) It was in this church that I first learned about God and how much he loved me, but it was through my Aunt, Donna Gampe, that I was saved. Through her testimony, I saw the need in my life to accept Christ as my savior at a young age. When I was a teen, I started going to the youth group that my Aunt Donna taught at Juniata Valley Gospel Church. Not only did I grow greatly in my walk with Christ, but I also met my future husband, Jason Hoover. Jason's parents didn't attend church, but through the youth group's influence, and mine, Jason came to accept Jesus as his Savior and also led his younger sisters, Janelle and Jennifer Hoover, to see the importance of Christ to their lives. I am happy to say that both girls have gone on more than one mission trip for God. When Jason and I were engaged, we attended a few different churches, including Greater Grace in Tyrone-which was full of excitement and energy for God.However,we ended up finding our church home at Leamersville Grace Brethren Church. (Duncansville, PA) For more than 3 years we got to know and love the members of our church and participated in many activities and even taught the junior youth group for a couple years. In 2009, I took a new job in Cranberry Township, PA and we moved to our current home in Conway. We were blessed to quickly find a new home in Grace Community Church. I still remember all the special things I treasured about each of the churches I have been a part of, and each played an important role in my walk with God. We wouldn't be in this place to follow God and do his work on a mission trip without the influence of so many. Thank you all and we look forward to making new memories at Grace.

How to Give

More than anything, we value your prayers for us and our other team members and those whose lives will be touched by God through us. We believe that God answers prayers, and we’re asking you to pray for safety, good health, smooth travel, and financial support. Just knowing that you will be praying will give us peace as we travel into an unfamiliar place.

In order for both myself and my husband to go on the trip, we need to raise just over $7,000 dollars by April 1st. That is a big goal, but we are praying and trusting in God that if he wants us to be there, he will provide for us. If you would like to help us financially,we would greatly appreciate any level of support you are able to offer.

If you would like to support us by helping us finance our trip, please print and fill out the form below and mail it to:

Grace Community Church
216 Mystic Pine Trail
Cranberry Township, PA 16066

You will notice that checks are made payable to the church and only the form has our names on it.This way, your donation is tax deductible and the church will send you an end-of-year statement for tax purposes in 2011, and the form will tell them which team members you are supporting. It also allows us to keep track of who sent us support so we can mail out thank you letters when we return. We will keep everyone up to date on the Blog as to how much we have raised. If we raise more than the trip cost, the extra money will go towards our immunizations for Africa and to help other team members meet their goal. A gift of any amount (no matter how small or large) is significant. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!
Grace in Kenya Mission Team Donation Form

We want to support the missions outreach of Grace Community Church and are sending our gift of $__________ o Cash or o Check (# )

Please make checks payable to Grace Community Church and designate "Grace in Kenya" on the memo line.

Our preference is that this gift be used to support the short-term mission trip of Jason and Larissa Hoover. We understand that the use of this gift is subject to the discretion and control of Grace Community Church.

Donor(s): (please print)



Email: ______________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________________________

June 10th-19th, 2010

On this mission trip, from June 10th to the 19th, our main goal is help the community with a new medical center. We have already been working on, and continue to meet the spiritual needs of the people, and both the educational goal and the goal for clean water have been started and in some instances completed. You can view a video clip to see the new water tank going into place in Kandaria at http://410bridge.org/Blog/?cat=26. Just click on the title marked " Kandaria 8:00AM to 8:15AM". We will be working on a variety of other projects in the community- whatever needs we can meet in the time we have. We are looking forward to meeting and working with the people and children of Kandaria.

Kandaria's Top 5 Needs

1. Spiritual Development
The Word of God should come first, Knowing God is the beginning of wisdom and a prosperous life.

2. Clean Water
The goal of this project is to run pipes through the community from a clean water source to a main water holding tank within the community.

3. Education
An educated community can more easily achieve its developmental goals, combat ignorance and provide opportunities to acquire skills to earn a living and improve the standards of living and become self-reliant.

4. Health Care (Medical Clinic)
The nearest medical facilities are 7 kilometers away up a steep slope. Injured villagers must be carried up the slope on a home made stretcher by other members of the community. We want to construct a medical facility that will be access able to Kandaria and surrounding communities.

5. Mirco-enterprise
We want to open the door for business within the community- for example organizing the women who weave baskets to do the work on a larger scale and sell the products both within and out of the community.

What the mission means to us

We want to follow God's will for our lives and be witnesses of Christ, spreading the Gospel and love of God in every nation. We love being a part of a church, and doing local missions work within our community, but we had a desire to reach further and do more. This past year has brought a lot of changes for us, and we have been seeking God's will in our lives. We felt that if we were ever going to go on a missions trip out of the country, it would need to be now, and this opportunity has been given to us. Right now, we are young, with no kids and very few responsibilities to tie us down, and it seemed like the best chance for us to just trust God and go on this trip. We look forward to spending 10 days completely focused on God and helping others, i am sure it will be an eye-opening and life-changing experience for us.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To have a community with a reduced effect of sin, disease, poverty, and ignorance through provision of an accelerated community development program for education, health, food security, water, etc.

Mission: Share the love of Christ with the people of Kandaria and motivate them to develop their potential by using their resources to enhance development within the community to achieve community sustainability.

Mission Trip Overview

We are so excited to be going on a Missions trip with our new Church, Grace Community Church in Cranberry Township, PA. We wanted to start a Blog so everyone could share in the experience with us, and even family and friends that we don't get to talk to often can see all the details about our trip. Our church is partnering with an organization called The 410 Bridge. In this way, we have a whole new take on missions by "adopting" a community in need and making yearly missions trips to develop lifelong relationships with the people in the community. The church commits its time and resources to the village, and we travel there to meet the people and help them in a very real and direct way, making it more than just a mission and turning it into a culture-changing relationship. Our church's community is in Kenya, Africa. It is called Kandaria, which is near the Nyanza Province in Western Kenya, a 45 minute drive from Kisumu. Kandaria has about 6,000 people and sits in a mountainous area over-looking Lake Victoria.