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Sunday, April 8, 2012

And Ferrets

I forgot to mention the ferrets. Last week, Jason got a call about two ferrets that needed a new home. Their owner moved and couldn't keep them. So, we welcomed Fred and Ethel into our house. The kids of course, were thrilled. There are three kids and there were only two ferrets, so they would fight over holding them. Now we have one to spare. Fred and Ethel were very good with the kids, they didn't bite or scratch at all despite being held way more than they wanted or were used to I am sure. All four ferrets are getting along great, so we are really happy that it worked out for everyone. Now, who wants to babysit when we go on vacation?


The kids opened their Easter presents here. They got lollipops and chocolate bunnies. Travis got a magnetic dart board. Kayden and Samantha got barbie mermaids. Everyone got clothes and zoobles. (or whatever those things are called) We made our traditional ham pot pie for lunch, then hunted for Easter eggs in the yard. After that, Jason and I took the kids on a hike down to the stream. We found one crayfish. Sammie was brave enough to hold it, but it pinched her and she was not happy with that. We caught 5 salamanders, including one of the biggest salamanders I have ever seen. It was at least 6 inches long. We watched a few movies, including my favorite Easter movie, the Bernstein Bears Easter Surprise. Finally, they all had to pack up and head home Saturday night. It was an awesome weekend.

Splash Lagoon 2

Here is Jason up on the ropes. He was almost doing splits to cross these ones. There is also a video of Travis going down a small kiddie slide.

Splash Lagoon

This year for Easter, my parents came up with the kids on Thursday and we took a trip to Erie to go to Splash Lagoon for a couple days. The indoor water park was filled with people and all kinds of slides. Our favorite slide was the Cyclone, where you zoomed along in your tube and then went into a toilet bowl-like funnel that you spun down the bottom of and came out backwards. Some of the other rides were fun too, like the water slides in the dark. Jason, Kayden, and I tried the Hurricane Hole, where you slide down on your back at 40mph and it drops you out head-first. Not a fun experience. We only rode that once. It was exhausting running around all day and standing in lines, but it was fun. We also tried the treetop adventure where you climbed around up high. Travis and I were both terrified and didn't stay up very long or try all the obstacles. Samantha and Kayden tried everything and did really well. Jason tried a few of the harder areas. We ended the day with a trip to the arcade.