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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby Shower

I had my baby shower in September. I just got pictures, so that is why I haven't posted about it before now. It was a great time! Family and friends helped out, and I loved the garden theme. My husband and I made dozens of paper cranes to hang around the room, our favors were cookies and tulip bulbs, we played some fun games and I opened a lot of presents! My mom's friend from work painted a tree for people to put their fingerprints on and sign their names. Other home made gifts were a painted table from my friend and cute rock feet from my mom's friend. Here are some pictures with my family and J's family, one with me and Julia and the diaper cake they made me, Becca and I with the table she painted, and Becky and me. My belly wasn't very big at 7 months, so in most of the pictures I don't look very pregnant. I should have turned sideways in more of them! I am so thankful for all our family and friends supporting us with our first baby. We love you all!

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